Health Options Worldwide (HOW) focuses on creating behaviors that drive earlier clinical recognition of disease. This prevention system, HINT, applies behavioral economics to increase employee utilization in services that can diagnose and treat disease, which leads to a reduction of healthcare costs. HINT also provides robust management dashboards for employers to track engagement, wellness vendor utilization, risks, and other trends in a HIPAA compliant fashion.

HINT is centered around deploying behavioral economics to engage people to manage their health in a proactive manner. The system looks at a given population to determine what gaps in care exist, and then engage at-risk individuals to become compliant with clinical guidelines.

HINT’s proprietary analytics using predictive reasoning algorithms review health information to identify individual employees who are non-compliant with clinical guidelines, to predict future risks, and to prescribe necessary actions to lesson those risks.

HINT is vendor agnostic and is able to integrate all of the health and wellness programs an employer may offer. The system then engages employees to use those services to manage their own health by applying the principles of behavioral economics and social psychology. Employers are able to see immediate and measurable results.