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Do you know about ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, widely known as ADHD is a mental disorder that has been experienced by a significant proportion of people in the world, especially in America [1]. It is identified in children easily as the symptoms are exposed with no altering or coping up. The common symptoms that reveal these affected children are frequent problems in being inattentive during school hours, being hyperactive, and even exhibiting aggressive or impulsive behavior towards others [2]. This disorder definitely takes a great toll on the lives of children as well as on those adults who grow up with the issue.

Let’s know what is Anti-anxiety?

Stress and anxiety are the most often seen persistent problem in the lives of many.  In fact, it is said that about 1 in 13 people are victims of different intensities of anxiety [3]. Anti-anxiety is highly essential to pull back them into a peaceful life. Anti-anxiety medications and other physical and mental therapies will assist to treat the condition [4]. These can help to reduce the effects of anxiety.  Finding the root cause of anxiety often leads to debates and confusion. There are many reasons that can trigger anxiety [5]. Always be aware of all these causes of anxiety before you initiate the use of any Anti-anxiety treatments.

Have you heard of Erectile Dysfunction? 

In layman’s words, Erectile Dysfunction can be simply put as impotence in men, meaning their inability to have a firm erection when indulging in sexual intercourse. Men commonly experience this problem mainly due to stress and tension [6]. Also, emotional or relationship issues can cause this dysfunction in men, ED can’t be directly associated to be a reason for all sexual problems. As there are various other dysfunctions in men that such as premature ejaculation, lack of interest in sex, and delayed or absent ejaculation that can create hitches in sexual life.[7]

What is insomnia? 

Another widely experienced disorder caused mainly due to lifestyle issues is Insomnia. Being not able to have a peaceful sleep due to frequent nocturnal awakening is what this disorder is. When you experience Insomnia, you will never feel satisfied with the quality or hours of sleep you get. Your sleep will be interrupted by various uneasy feelings. you can confirm your insomnia by checking with a few mostly seen symptoms such as feeling tired during the daytime, very low energy levels, unable to concentrate or focus in work, inability to perform well in school or work, etc. Insomnia is a bug that sucks out the freshness of life.[8]

What to know more about pain relief Pills? 

Pain relief medicine is a highly required medicine from the very beginning. It’s very common to associate a pain relief pill with aspirin, which is what is prescribed quite frequently when you consult a doctor for getting relief from pain [9]. An age-old medicine, which had been in use for treating pain and fever for over 2000 years is William Bark. Researchers identified the active ingredient, Salicylic acid as a tough component for the stomach [10]. Subsequently, in 1897, the active ingredient Salicylic acid was developed to form acetylsalicylic acid popularly called Aspirin, by a German chemist,  to treat and get relief from pain [11].

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