ambienAmbien is a drug used in the treatment of Insomnia in people. It is the trade name for the drug called Zolpidem. Ambien is a prescription drug and is also used to treat some other brain disorders in people.[1]

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Legal Information for purchasing Ambien

Ambien is a prescription drug and it requires a legal prescription from the doctor or physician to procure this medication online.[2]

Since Ambien is a prescription-only medication, which means it would have some of its own dangers and side effects. Consumers should check whether they are purchasing Ambien of the highest quality from the online pharmacy. Ensure the license of the online Ambien seller.

There are many possibilities for the retailers who would sell you with the Ambien online that are fake or duplicate. Do not fall into the hands of the internet retailers who are selling Ambien for cheap, they might sell you with the wrong medication or you will never know what active ingredient has been contained on that medication.

You can even ask your physician for the suggestion of the online drugstores to get Ambien online. Check for the license and the VIPPS seal on the bottom of the online pharmacy web page. It is always a wiser decision to choose the reputed online drugstore to procure Ambien pills safely. [3]

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How to Take Ambien pills?

Ambien requires a doctor’s prescription to procure this from an internet pharmacy. The clinician will study the patient’s health condition and the previous medical history to know if the patient has any allergies to this or any other medication, history of drug or alcohol abuse will all be taken under consideration before the doctor prescribes the doses of Ambien to them [4]. Usually, they prescribe with a minimal dose to the patients as you know, taking higher doses initially might lead to the cause of adverse side effects to the patients.[5]

Ambien taken person should have to sleep at least for 8 hours time, and if a person who will not able to sleep for 8 hours must have to avoid taking this Ambien before sleep. This pill will be prescribed for the period of the short-term and if a person still suffers from insomnia even after the prescription nights are over, then they must talk with their doctor about their problem. It will not be prescribed for a long period of time treatment.

Ambien has a high withdrawal effect and hence patients who have been using it for a long time should not stop taking this medication suddenly as it would provide a severe withdrawal effect [6]. Consult with the doctor who will help you in withdrawing from Ambien safely.

In some cases, when a patient stops taking Ambien, it might lead to the returning of Insomnia again and might get worse than before. A consultation with a doctor is necessary in this case.

Do not store your Ambien meds in the refrigerator. You can store this medication at a dry place or at room temperature. Keep it away from the children and other people.[7]

What are the side effects of Ambien?

In general, people might get allergic to the intake of Ambien medication and if you have experience or observe any kind of effects such as trouble in breathing and swelling of the face and throat, then you must have to stop taking the medication and talk with your doctor.

Some of the side effects caused by Ambien has been listed in the following:[8]

  1. Depression and Anxiety
  2. Hallucinations
  3. Memory loss
  4. Confusion
  5. Changes in personality
  6. Chest pain and slow heart rate
  7. Difficult in breathing and swallowing
  8. Fainting
  9. Head and body aches
  10. Thoughts about suicide
  11. Nausea and diarrhea
  12. Constipation

There are also many other side effects that have not been provided in this list and users who do not feel comfortable in taking Ambien medication for treating their Insomnia must have to talk with their doctor.

What are the necessary steps to be taken before consuming Ambien?

  1. Avoid the intake of Ambien if the patient has allergies to lactose and Zolpidem.
  2. It will not be prescribed to the patients suffering from liver or kidney disease, pulmonary disorders, depression and anxiety, and mental disorders.[9]
  3. It is not recommended for people who are having a history of addiction to alcohol and drugs.
  4. Since a patient can get easily addicted to the medication, it is just that the patient has to be monitored by the healthcare professional.
  5. However, no clinical experiments have been done yet about the effect of Ambien on the fetus. But, it is wise if a pregnant woman avoids taking Ambien during pregnancy. Talk with your clinician and only in the rare cases, Ambien will be prescribed to a pregnant woman.
  6. This drug should not be given to people who are under the age of 18.

What happens when Ambien overdoses or Missed a Dose?

Overdose: Overdosing of Ambien will end up causing death, especially when people take this medication along with the other drugs. If a patient took an overdose of Ambien, then it is necessary to get emergency medical help from the doctor. Ambien overdose might cause confusion, drowsiness, trouble to breathe and even it leads to coma.[10]

Missed Dose: Do not miss a dose of Ambien. Follow the prescription provided by the doctor continuously. Avoid taking two doses at a time, just because you have missed a dose previously.[11]

Ambien FAQ

1. How much should Ambien a patient can take?

It is a must that a patient should have to take Ambien pills as recommended by their doctors. The physician usually prescribes the patient with the minimal dosage amount only [12]. An instant release of Ambien tablet of 10mg dose should have to be taken before going to bed. The drug will be prescribed for a short period of time as it would cause a habit-forming to the patient. Mostly it is prescribed only for a week or so. If a patient is taking Ambien for more than a month, then do not make them quit the medication suddenly as it could lead to severe withdrawal effects on the patient.

2. What are the Ambien Drug Interactions?

Ambien interacts with drugs such as sedatives and some medicines like analgesics, cold medications, and anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication [13]. A patient should not take Ambien with these drugs, the effect could make the patients feel sleepier than ever. Make sure that a patient should not be taking the above-mentioned drugs when they are taking Ambien. Start taking the medicine with a small dose initially.

Consulting with a doctor is a must and it is necessary that a patient should have to tell about the medication they are taking before the doctor prescribe them the Ambien. No matter what drugs they are taking currently for their health condition such as herbal products, vitamin tablets, over-the-counter medication, and prescription drugs.

3. How does Ambien work?

Ambien is used for the treatment of Insomnia. This drug is slightly different from other drugs. It affects some chemicals in the brain causing the specific areas in the brain to calm down and unlike another benzodiazepine, it does not helps in relaxing your muscles, stopping seizures, and disturb sleep at night. The effect of the drug begins within 15 minutes after intake.[14]

4. What are the precautions to be followed before taking Ambien?

Ambien should not be given to children who are below the age of 18, except the medication is prescribed by the Doctor and that too under certain rare conditions. The patient should have to tell the doctor about their medical history and that includes allergies and addictions. If they are having a history of drug abuse or alcohol abuse, then those patients should not allow taking Ambien drugs.

5. Is that Okay if I borrow Ambien medication from my friend?

No, it is not the right way to get your Ambien. You must get the prescription to procure Ambien. Borrowing the sleeping pills from the friend is not the right option. Since it is a highly effective sleeping medication, misuse or overdose would become fatal to the patient. Ambien is a prescription-only drug and it really requires a valid prescription from the doctor to procure it from the online pharmacy.

Editorial Disclosure: All the information related to Ambien in this article is gathered from various authority sites available on the web and this information is editorial independence. It is highly recommended for individuals to check with their doctors before using Ambien drug.

FDA Disclosure: The statements mentioned on the page have not been evaluated by FDA and are not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease. You are recommended to always consult with your healthcare physician before starting any course of treatment.


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