imovaneZopiclone is the generic name of Imovane drug, and it is classed under the sedative-hypnotic drug [1]. This medication has been specifically designed and formulated to manage short-term sleep disorders [2] so that it is considered to be an ideal medication for the following conditions. If you have any form of sleep disorder which makes disturbances during your night sleep or often discover that you have only less amount of sleep, you wake up whilst deep sleep and unable to get back to sleep.

Purchasing Information

You can get Imovane and Zopiclone from both traditional chemist stores and pharmacies because they have a plentiful supply of the drug. However, there are plenty of online pharmacies selling these two medications so no need of visiting the traditional or local pharmacies personally. In simple terms, you can get Imovane online in a hassle free manner when compared to brick and mortar store.

When it comes to online purchases, you need to consider certain factors: first, make sure that site is an approved stockiest and holds the license to supply both Imovane and Zopiclone. Although the chances of finding illegitimate or fake pharmacies are rare, it is always better to verify it.

Side effects of Imovane

When you started to take or after taking Imovane and Zopiclone, you can experience a range of different side effects include chills, lessened muscle tone, dizziness, bitter mouth taste, constipation, irregular as well as pounding heartbeat, slurred speech, or hardness in speaking, heavy feelings in arms and legs, impaired eye vision loss, increased sweating and appetite.[3]

Additionally, other few side effects also documented of using these two medications that include loss of appetite, tingling, burning, indigestion, skin rashes, stomach pain, hands, arms, the sensation of prickly, trembling of finger or hands or legs, vomit, confusion, depression, and sudden weight loss.[4]

If you experience any of the above-mentioned side effects, it is advisable to seek medical attention because the severity of side effects can vary at any time. In addition, it is also advisable to tell your doctor that you have been under the treatment of Imovane and Zopiclone.

Inform your friends or family members who are familiar to you or who have contact with you that you are taking either of these two sleep aid medications. By means of that, they can identify the negative effects of the drug and will take you to get emergency help if you are not in the state to do or if you unaware of it.

Questions and Answers of Imovane

In general, everybody in this world who are taking either Imovane or Zopiclone may have various inquiries with respect to these two drugs, and you may also have so that read below where you could find the most commonly asked one so from that find answers for your questions.

In case, you not sure of taking either Imovane and Zopiclone or want to know whether it is suitable for your health or not, please consult your healthcare professional. By doing so, they will consider your medical history in order to ensure whether you are suitable for taking these two medications. If so, then the doctor will prescribe any one drug according to your health status. It is highly recommended to take or try these medicines under the doctor surveillance to avoid unwanted negative effects because both drugs are not suitable for everyone and may cause dangerous side effects.

1. Can I take Zopiclone for a prolonged time?

In general, the doctor usually going to prescribe this medication course for the  short duration duration7 to 10 days [5]. If you have been endorsed this medication and found that the drug is highly effective in treating good sleep at night or aiding your sleep pattern disorder but taking this medication after the prescribed time is not really a good one. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with your healthcare advisor if you are going to continue this treatment after the end of the medical course; he or she will prescribe or extended the treatment by altering the dosage level.

2. What is the difference between Zopiclone and Imovane?

The one and the only difference between these two drugs is the name- one is the generic name, and another one is the trade name of the pill. Apart from that, there is no contrast amongst Imovane and Zopiclone. Even though they are same and no different, you should consult your healthcare professional before the start of the treatment especially dosage strengths. Since it is a generic and brand formulations, the inactive ingredients in the dosage will vary so it is very important to consult your doctor before taking these two medication dosages. This is because these two drugs available in various dosage strengths hence you have to double check with your doctor in order to ensure when particular dosage will be good for your health.

3. What will happen if I overdose Imovane?

While taking any one medication such as Imovane or Zopiclone, you need to follow the instructions carefully and adhere to your prescribed medical course as well as dosage strength to avoid the risk of overdosing. An overdose of Zopiclone(Imovane) can cause severe side effects [6]. However, the nature of these two medications is to enable sleep or help you to fall asleep so that when you suspect that you have taken more dose than prescription, it is essential to get medical assistance. And you should immediately make sure the nearby person that you are an overdose or took more doses because you may fall asleep soon so whilst the person will help you to get medical assistance.

4. Would I be able to offer Imovane to others experiencing Insomnia?

In any situation, you should not share your Imovane with other individuals because the doctor examined your health and prescribed the dosage strength just for your condition only. In case, if you share or give your supply to another person, then he or she may experience many side effects that include some potential side effects as well. With that in mind, if a person suffering from insomnia or any kind of sleep-related disorders; guide them to look for the assessment of a doctor to make sure that Imovane will be safe for their health.

5. What causes insomnia?

In general, healthcare professionals believe that stress might be the main cause of insomnia or sleep disorder in lots of people [7] so if it is the case, you can alleviate the sleep deprivation by doing some research about stress meditation or else living a less stressful life. By doing so, you can alleviate and start to sleep well at night. Apart from the stress, there are some more reasons which cause insomnia among people so that it is very important to consult your doctor before prior to take any drugs or medication. By means of that, the doctor can look into the possible causes of the sleep disorder and help you to manage insomnia with effective medications.

6. If I take Imovane will my routine sleep pattern return?

Most of the cases, when you begin taking your recommended dosage strength of Imovane, then you will experience or find that you come back to your routing sleep pattern quickly. Of course, the sleep duration of the individual is purely based on the dosage strength so how many doses you take then you get the sleep accordingly. Henceforth, always consult about this dosage strength with your healthcare advisor.

7. Will Imovane influence me at work?

Most of the people who prescribed Imovane will ask one question which is whether this drug will have any inconvenient effect at the time of work. As long as you allow enough time for the medication to wear off, then you will not experience any illness or tiredness during your work, as you will have encountered an entire night of continuous rest once you have taken your recommended dosage strength. And also it is advisable not to involve in any other activities at least for 12 hours after taking zopiclone[8].

8. Will I need to take Imovane constantly?

Your doctor initially prescribes only a certain amount of Imovane for your sleep deprivation, and your doctor recalls you for a review of your sleep deprivation condition when your underlying supply of this drug runs out. During the review consultation, your doctor will sit along with you and ask certain questions about whether Imovane or any other alternative pills will be given to you in a progressing time span. This is because the drug is generally prescribed to individuals for a short time use due to its addictive nature moreover long time use of the drug can cause dependency [9]. With all that in mind, your doctor will obviously instruct you accordingly on his long-haul plan for treating your insomnia.

9. Are there are alternatives to Zopiclone?

If you have been experiencing any potential side effects after the start of treatment with Zopiclone or Imovane, it is essential to consult your doctor. There are lots of alternative pills available so your doctor will prescribe any one of the drugs for your condition. Moreover, there are lots of natural remedies also available to treat sleep deprivation efficiently so opt for any one natural method that will help you get a good sleep at night [10]. Henceforth, spend some time researching the best natural remedy for your health condition or your sleep disorder if you have not found any medicines or pills to overcome insomnia.


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