klonopinKlonopin is classified under the benzodiazepine drug class and is efficient in the treatment of seizures, panic attacks, and akathisia, which is a disorder associated with movement ts.[1]

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The active ingredient of Klonopin acts on the Central Nervous systems and the GABA receptors with a powerful influence to eliminate feelings of anxiety, agitation, nervousness, and excitation [2]. Hence, it is mostly prescribed in patients who need relief and a sense of relaxation from anxiety and panic disorders. The medication is used for several other purposes too but it is important that you get proper consultation from the doctor before using Klonopin for its off-label benefits.

Today, buying Klonopin has become a very easy affair though the medication is a prescription-only based drug. You can now buy Klonopin even without a prescription. You will have to fill in a questionnaire to ensure the safety of your treatment course but no legal prescription is required for the process. Also, the generic version of Klonopin called Clonazepam is mostly sold without a prescription and it is also cheaper than the branded version. Clonazepam is approved by FDA in 1975.[3]

Safety instructions for Klonopin administration

Though Clonazepam or the generic Klonopin is cheaper than the branded form [4], the active ingredient is the same and it initiates a powerful reaction on the human brain similar to the branded counterpart. Hence, the generic form must be consumed in the same way as the branded medication without any changes. Also, the treatment with the generic Klonopin must start off with very minimal doses.

Please note that Klonopin can be addictive and hence, it must not be misused or abused that can lead to very severe adverse effects [5]. Klonopin should not be given to any other person who hasn’t had a medical consultation. Also, Klonopin works better when it is used as per the dosage and it can be used with or without food. But people allergic to the active ingredient of Klonopin and the ones who aren’t medically fit to consume Klonopin must avoid using this medication for oral consumption. Pregnant women and breastfeeding women must consult a doctor before administering Klonopin [6]. Klonopin shouldn’t be stopped immediately as it could lead to very dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Please contact a doctor or any support group in case you encounter abnormalities with Klonopin.

Factors to be considered before buying Klonopin online

With the growth of online dispensaries and the market, the use of generic Klonopin has gradually increased. This generic Klonopin has the same composition as the branded ones and the medical potential can be compared along with similar safety procedures. But it is offered at a significant low cost without a prescription. The very fact that this medication is being provided without a prescription can serve as a boon and also as a bane.

Anyways if you have done your research and you come across an authentic online drug store that offers you genuine Klonopin at affordable prices, then you can opt for it without having to waste your time and more money. However, please make sure to follow the safety guidelines and other precautions while consuming Klonopin [7], as it is your responsibility to use the drug wisely.

Please do not consume Klonopin if you are allergic to the active ingredient composed in it. Also, elderlies, patients with breathing difficulties, liver issues, and kidney failure must use this medication with precaution.

Drug Interactions and Possible side effects

You will have to fill in the medical questionnaire and consult the customer service representatives to know about the interaction Klonopin could have with your present drug consumption and also you could promote the safety of your treatment procedure by eliminating any potential risks. Please consult a doctor for medical assistance in case of any unfavorable conditions with Klonopin. Some of the common side effects of Klonopin [8] are

  • Dizziness and Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of orientation
  • Headache
  • Constipation


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