What We Offer

Health Options Worldwide (HOW) helps companies implement a proactive health and wellness program in order to improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and lower health care costs.

What Sets HOW Apart

Our proprietary solution is based on proven psychological insights published across many journals.

These same psychology-based persuasion techniques can motivate populations to make healthier choices including eating more vegetables, losing weight or getting vaccinated for influenza.

We match these insights with a state-of-the-art technology platform featuring HIPAA-compliant and 256-bit AES encrypted cloud-based delivery of software-as-a-service (Saas).

The HOW Benefit

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has calculated that more than 75 percent of healthcare costs in the United States are associated with chronic diseases.

Many of these chronic conditions – heart disease, cancer, stroke, arthritis and diabetes – carry heavy direct and indirect costs for employers.

Yet the CDC also notes that much chronic disease could be prevented by modifying four behaviors – tobacco use, insufficient physical activity, poor eating habits and excessive alcohol use.

In a nutshell, HOW helps companies achieve a healthier workforce by using psychological methods delivered over a high-tech platform to encourage employees to make healthier choices and thus reduce their risks of suffering from chronic diseases.

We estimate that employers can save more than $300 per employee per year by using the HOW diagnostic suite to improve workforce health and wellness.

The Proof

We conducted a survey of 2,500 employers and heard some fantastic news…

83% said they believed the HOW platform would have a positive impact on reducing their overall healthcare spend and nearly 50% of all executives polled said they NEVER saw anything like it before!

Find Out More

To learn more about our technology, our methodology, our Board of Directors or our track record, contact HOW for a no-obligation demonstration.

We would be pleased to provide an in-person demonstration to potential clients in the Greater New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania regions. Alternatively, we can also host a virtual demonstration accessible from anywhere in the world.

Contact us today to get started on the path toward improving the health of your workforce and reducing your healthcare costs.