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Welcome to Health Options Worldwide (HOW) a brand new interactive medical information website founded in 2008, with the sole purpose of helping the people to know about the medications that they are consuming. My name is Dr. Emman Hussny MD, a practicing physician with over twenty years of experience. I studied at Cornell University, after which I attended Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, which I graduated from in 1998. I am currently a primary care physician. But more than that, I’m a wellness coach. In my years as a practicing physician I have come to believe that medical health and lifestyle choices go hand in hand, and treating patients takes a lot more than simply rushing through 15 minutes consultations and handing out prescriptions while leaving out the information behind it. In this site, you can get high quality, independent, updated, reliable and comprehensive details about the drugs and some reviews on the best online pharmacies whom we feel are authorized drug sellers. It would be presented in simple English which can be easily understood by both our readers and medicos.

Though I am a practicing physician, I need to again clarify to my visitors that this is only an information site which strives hard to offer the latest details about medications and where to buy them to our readers in jargon-free language. You should know that this is not an online pharmacy that offers medication, that is to be instructed by your healthcare professional, who will be familiar with your medical history.

We are here to simply offer information about the drug that your medico has prescribed and where to buy them henceforth. We also aim to cover in our product pages: How to use the medication, the active ingredient present in it, what the drug is comprised of, the effect of the pills on a person, side effects, and precautionary measures when taking it. It is true that you can get some of the details about the medication offline as well as in other online sources, however, on Health Options Worldwide, you would get a detailed idea.

We wish to take the responsibility and this is why we have framed clear privacy policies that are best for our readers. We are also an affiliated site where we would allow others to advertise here. However, we would only allow these advertisements after checking the credibility of the third-party links. We strongly recommend our readers to purchase any drug only after thorough research about the drug and also after consulting with their doctor.

My Company and the Joy of Providing Valid Information:

This website clearly knows about the question that arises in the mind of our readers, and that is; Where do we source our information? It is a must to mention here that the content is published on our site only after it gets validated by the experts who have a deeper knowledge about the medication and the subject. So, I could tell you with certainty that the content or information that is present on this website is accurate to the core.

Though we are an affiliate site and provide reviews about various online stores, we owe no control with respect to the medications that are sold by the third parties. Even though we make sure that the websites are trustworthy to the best of our abilities, it is a must that individuals are supposed to check it as well, prior to buying any medication from them. The advertisements that are provided on the site are just for our revenue purpose. It does not mean that we are endorsing or promoting any drug or any treatment method to our readers.

If you have any clarifications or doubts pending on your side, you can email us through our Contact Us page and we would reply back ASAP.


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Dr. Emman Hussny MD




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