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The purpose of setting up is purely to provide information about medicines and health products and reviews on the various authorised sellers of the drug. This site does not provide medical advice or provide offers about the medicines available on other sites. These offers are given by their respective sites and they can change them without any notice. In fact, we cannot guarantee that these online pharmacies will continue to sell these products.

It is true that has taken part in affiliate advertising. This means that the site gets compensation from the merchant if the visitor clicks on these outbound links and does business with them. By doing so, we are able to support our team and enable them to find the best information to present to our readers.

There are many products and services provided on the internet and this site does provide information on a very small fraction of these products and services. The site would continue to run even if there are no affiliate programs. The placement and order of the product advertisement are determined by the compensation we have received. However, this should not be taken as a sign that we are supporting or giving a stamp of approval to these online providers, companies or healthcare providers.

We wish to thank all our viewers for their continued support without which this site would not be possible. We have writing articles for this site for almost every day and we have been aware that writing them might have created a potential conflict of interest. It gives us great pride to say that we have earned the trust you have placed in us and continue to provide information that will make you trust for a long time. You must understand that this is an independent site and whatever opinions have been expressed on this site are our own. No company or online pharmacy has reviewed or provided approval for the information provided here.

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