What is anti-anxiety?

To the world where about 1 in every 13 individuals face trauma suffering from anxiety either being a symptom of another disease or it being a disorder itself, Anti-anxiety medications are highly essential to help them cope up from it. Anti-anxiety medications are not the only hope but there are also various physical and mental therapies to overcome it. A large proportion of the anxiety sufferers are not really aware of what is the underlying cause for it and continue ignoring it, making it only worse. Anxiety triggers a person to break his control over himself and starts experiencing excessive feelings of fear, anger, or any such feelings. Being so overwhelmed with emotions, they barely are able to understand what they engage in. A careful evaluation of the root cause will help to analyze the right kind of anti-anxiety treatment to help him.

Administration of Anti- anxiety medication 

The basic requirement to facilitate the right anti-anxiety medication is to know the root cause for it. Only having known it, can a choice be made on the various types of anti- anxiety treatments to be given and their intensity levels. The commonly prescribed pills fall in to categories of anti-depressants, benzodiazepines, hydroxyzine, buspirone and beta blockers etc. whatever be the choice from these, it must be used only with a doctor supervision. For these medicines have different compositions and have its own pros and cons, only after an expert evaluates the patients present and past history can a right choice of medicine be prescribed.  Though there are different types of anxiety, such as panic disorder, phobias, social anxiety disorder etc., and most of them have similar kind of symptoms such as obsessive fear, panic, insomnia, discomfort, palpitations, sweaty hands, feeling numb, dry mouth, inability to focus and be calm, agitation, etc. The symptoms are to be monitored and studied over a period of time to exactly pick the right anti-anxiety pills.

The working of Anti-anxiety medications

Ignorance over the choice of anti-anxiety pills are really dangerous, for each has its own unique properties and way of acting upon the anxiety.

If you take in to consideration the medication called the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRs) which are commonly used in treating anxiety, should be used with utmost care to those suffering from bipolar disorder. The pros are that it is non-addictive and do not bring in any memory loss issues. It takes time to show its effect, like 4 to 6 weeks and during this phase if it is stopped suddenly, a whole lot of damage will occur in the user. And in case a bipolar patient should use it with a mood stabilizer to extract only the goodness of it or else it can kick in a frenzied occurrence. Also, being a good stimulator of communication between the neurons, it is highly risky to be given in young adults for it may create suicidal tendencies in them.

There are also other medications like Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRIs), which a quite similar as the SSRs, and the only part different is that by use of a chemical known as norepinephrine it intensifies the signaling between the neurons.

Another well known class of medicine is the Benzodiazepine, which required to be used for long being a highly tolerant one. This one can’t be used just like that, it requires the monitoring of a psychiatrist when used as a first line medication, however can be used along with SSRI for the initial period of treatment.

Another anti-anxiety pill under the same benzodiazepine family is the Ativan also known as the lorazepam. It is really efficient in bringing in soothing effects with its working on the brain and the related nerves. Xanax(Alpraxolam) is also a medicine that works to brigs in relaxing effects in the user.

If you where looking for an anti-depressant to treat the anxiety, Busron ( Buspirone Hell) can be chosen. Its functioning is alike SSRI that works on the neurons.

The drug Klonopin also called the Clonazepam does its wonders as an anti-anxiety drug by acting with the GABA receptors in the brain.

Many anxiety disorders will cause side effects in the patient such as nerve disorder, muscle spasms etc., for that Valium (Diaxepam) can be used full. The medicine called the gabapentin can be used when there is nerve pains and seizure problems associated with anxiety.

More efficient that benzodiazepine in terms of quick action, is Hydroxyzine, which do not bring in any memory loss problems, nor addiction or withdrawal issues.


Are anti-anxiety drugs successful?

The success rate of the anti-anxiety drugs depends greatly upon the factor that, whether right drugs is used upon the patient, analyzing the root cause for anxiety and other relevant details. Only when a drug is facilitated after understanding all the influencing factors.

Having so far understood, it is found that SSRIs have shown in great results as an anti-anxiety drug. Following which benzodiazepine have dealt a good share of cases involving phobias.

The phobias are always quite complicated to treat with. The dosages differ greatly upon the intensity and the persons health. And majorly, instead of pills, various therapies are actively used overcome the fears and anxiety problems efficiently. Especially when it is social phobia, they are given with beta-blockers which help tremendously to cope up with.

And the anti-depressants work magic to undo the effects of depression and anxiety. And anticonvulsants, antidepressants and MAOIs, all have proved to be great aid for post-traumatic disorders along with the SSRs.

This is not just it. Constant researches are taking place to find more efficient ones.


Addiction and withdrawal issues with Anti-anxiety

Basically, when someone helps you out during a troublesome period, you tend to look for such help always during the dark times. This tendency is high for those who have went through anxiety disorders and have coped up well with anti-anxiety pills.

The more they use it, the more they feel they can’t survive the normal life without it. This addiction is quite natural but not very good. For when this addiction becomes strong, you will have to force in the withdrawal which again might turn to be very stressful for the patient. The withdrawal effects are mostly seen in anti-depressants, Xanax, Valium and SSRIs. However, it can differ from person to person, and fortunately enough, people can escape without being impacted by addiction of withdrawal issues.

If you are thinking of how worse this withdrawal things can go, it can begin with simple symptoms like sleeplessness, panic attacks, cravings, dizziness, palpitations, cold sweats, to extreme agitation and anxiety, unbearable pain, seizures and many symptoms that are of great threat to life like even suicidal tendencies.

This when understood is quite natural to be felt by the patient as, they have seen light of normal life again only due to these medications and they fear of again going back to the darkness without its help. Thus, they refuse to give in and become addicted to it. Due to this very reason, psychiatrist engage in using physical and mental therapies and such drugless treatments to overcome the anxiety and resort to giving in anti-anxiety medications as either last resort or for strong patients.


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