Dangers of Buying Ativan Online

The purchase of Ativan at online dispensaries can be a very safe and smooth process without any hassles only if it is done right at an authentic online drug store that has been licensed under the US norms. There are a lot of fake online dispensaries out there and buying your Ativan from then could put you at risk of money and health since they add fake ingredients and sedatives in the name of Ativan. On consuming these adulterated Ativan versions, it could pose a serious threat to life and well-being.

Illegal Online drug stores

Based on a publication from an Information Centre, it is believed that the first online dispensary was set up in 1990 selling both kinds of drugs that come under prescription only and non-prescription types. Once the first pharmacy was successful in its business, many rogue pharmacies tried to capture the online market for the profits involved in it. These illegal dispensaries challenge the authentic ones by presenting very low prices. They also sell those medications like Ativan without a prescription, making it an easy option for customers. This is why most people become victims to these illegal pharmacies in large numbers.

Most of these illegal dispensaries are based out of foreign countries, where no strict regulations have been passed for quality and other important factors. These rogue dispensaries make use of this loophole to trap victims for you might not know what you would receive if you order Ativan from them.

Recognizing an illegal dispensary

Since, it is very important to buy your Ativan from a trusted online store, there are some signs by which you can recognize if the store is authentic or not. An illegal online drug store would provide medications like Ativan without a prescription. Also, the store might be based out of the US with no pharmacist available for consultation. And if you compare their prices with other stores, it is likely that the price is unbelievably low. In these cases, you must be alert and cautious for the online dispensary might not provide you real Ativan for purchase.

The Dangers of buying fake Ativan

The counterfeit online drug stores are making money in huge numbers every year. This trend opens gates to the debate as to why people fall prey to these money minded online dispensaries in spite of the huge awareness. But whatsoever, it is not just money that you would be losing when you buy Ativan from these fake stores. But it is also the health that would get deteriorated drastically. This is due to the fact that fake online drug stores mix either too much of the active ingredient or just fewer amount of it. When the active ingredient is too much, it might lead to serious adverse effects and at fewer amounts, it might not even produce any significant change with respect to the treatment course.

Based on a recent research, it has been found that the fake online drug stores use arsenic, poison, heavy metals, pain and mercury in their fake Ativan medications. Some online drug stores have been found to mix ingredients like calcium, powder, chalk and other stuff that do not even have any medicinal value. At times, they might also replace the active ingredient of Ativan with some cheaper version of it. In these cases, it really becomes very harmful for the customers and they could even lose their lives when they buy Ativan from these stores.

Identifying a counterfeit Ativan medication

Though normal users cannot really know if the product is a fake or not, there are some of the signs on the medications that might really point out the fakeness of the products. For example,

  • The Ativan package might say that the product consists of less or too much of the active ingredient.
  • Other ingredients listed on the package
  • Poor packaging
  • Spelling mistakes or grammatical errors on the package
  • No storage information
  • The product is expired
  • No expiration date on the package
  • No labels on the package


Buying Ativan legally online

It is to be understood that even foreign online drug stores with license cannot sell their products to the residents of US. If at all it has to open, the case goes through several regulatory procedures and it is approved only if it satisfies all conditions. You cannot buy medications like Ativan from these foreign online drug stores without the approval of the FDA. The medication is approved only if it is for a serious and rare health condition for which no specific treatment or medication is available in the US. Also, the drug must be a safe one bought only up to 3month supplies without any intention of commercialization.

On the whole, buying Ativan online can be dangerous if the purchase is made at an illegal drug store. To avoid this, it is necessary that you do your research to get acquainted to an authentic and reliable drug store that sells high quality Ativan to its customers.

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