Insomnia is simply the sleeplessness in a person. Many would experience different types of hindrances from having a good deep sleep. This condition is called insomnia. The whole sleeping pattern of the person suffering from insomnia is disturbed, with troubles like frequent nocturnal awakenings, poor quality of sleep and even not being able to sleep itself.

Insomnia is not a disorder to be ignored, but rather dealt with seriously. For sleep is a great essentiality to the body to renew and recover. Sleep disorders can ruin the day that follows, by feeling all sleepy and unable to concentrate and engage efficiently in the daily routine of work or school.

Insomnia has been widely affecting the lives of many over the globe. To be exact, the report from National Sleep Foundation (NSF) says that about 30 to 40 % of American adults are experiencing various symptoms of Insomnia while a percentage of 10 to 15 are already chronic insomnia victims. It is said that almost half of the world have encountered some signs of insomnia during their life. And strangely women experience it any of its signs in a week at least 2 to 3 times. And moreover, women are more prone to have insomnia which leaves them with memory issues and low response time.

The major symptoms that are experienced by the insomnia sufferers are very low energy, feeling tired easily, mood swings, inability to pay attention to something or even perform well during class or work. They can’t be fresh the following morning they experience the signs, and not being able to have a normal day builds up stress, which worsens the situation.

The signs are all the same for the types of insomnia one experiences, regardless of it being transient insomnia, acute insomnia or even chronic insomnia. The people suffering from insomnia are categorized into types depending upon the frequency of their sleepless nights. When sleeping disturbances occur to you for three nights, then it is transient insomnia. If it lingers around for a few weeks and then vanishes out, then it is acute insomnia. And chronic insomnia is when you experience the disturbances and signs of insomnia for months and years. It is very difficult to analyze the root cause in chronic insomnia cases, as the time period is relatively long and a lot of life situations can be crossed during this time.


Remedies for sleep disorders. 

Insomnia victims can be helped to get back their lost sleep either through therapies or by pills. But the decision of it lies with an expert. A detailed consultation with a doctor who examines not just the symptoms of insomnia but looks in to analyzing the root cause will help to pick the right source of treatment for insomnia. This is because pills are not just given like that, for it takes a huge toll on those having physical or mental conditions. The first attempts of treatment are always behavioral therapies, wherein you are required to strictly follow sleeping schedule, and many other tasks which will help you to have long hours of sleep.

Sleeping pills is the next savior to take help from. But its use has to be very carefully administered. They are capable of bringing in sleep and helping the person to relax well.

Sleeping pill, Lunesta (Zopiclone) is a great aid to bring in a good quality sleep for long hours. It must be made sure that; the pill is taken only when you are able to spare 7 to 8 hours for experiencing a good sleep as its effect. But, the use of drugs is very risky and only low doses are recommended for use.

Due to this limitation of the drug, its extended version called Ambien CR was introduced, which has to be carefully administered. It must be made sure that, once the pill is taken, the individual must not resort to activities such as driving, walking, cooking etc.

If looking for an option to solve acute symptoms of insomnia, Restoril (Temazepam) will help for a short period of time, in bringing in soothing effects by acting on the brain.

To serve the long-term issues, Benzodiazepines are a viable option. They help to reduce the nocturnal awakenings and even nightmares and sleepwalking. However, as a drawback, the use of this drug will make you feel drowsy the following day, and also there is a high chance of getting addicted to it.

In case if insomnia and anxiety coexist, you can opt for Anti-depressants such as Ramelteon, Zaleplon, Suvorexant etc. that will help but will eventually make you feel sleepy the next day.


Needful facts for insomnia patients 

The basic reason for ignorance of insomnia is the lack of adequate knowledge about it. The vitality of Sleep in a person is often regarded as negligible. But in actual sense, sleep is like food for our body.

Sleep deprivation triggers the body to respond in many negative ways. It will be simply reflected with the inability to carry out the basic daily routine.  And you may grow obese easily by having more cravings and less focus to exercise.

The most dangerous part is where your insomnia can cause harm to the people around you. With no sleep, engaging in activities such as driving is highly risky. There are clear figures that say that approximately 71,000 injuries, 1 lakh crashes and about 1550 death cases have been reported due to the fact that the drivers were drowsy. This matches the data that in America alone about 40 million people suffer from either acute or chronic insomnia.

There are a lot of factors that bring in uneasiness during sleep. The immediate surroundings and environment play a great role in having a good sleep. If the surrounding where you sleep has a lot of noise, like a snoring partner, night working partners, or the room is brightly lit, or is highly congesting place with no much quality air to breath in during sleep may all affect the sleep and make him all the more drowsy and tired the following day. Even if they try sleeping during the day, they feel gloomy and dull.

Insomnia can be an independent disorder or can be a sign or after effect of any other disorder. It is observed that people with insomnia, mostly do have high blood pressure rates. Also, there are many cases where depression and insomnia co-exist. It is a known fact that when an individual experiences excessive stress, tension or anxiety may not be able to sleep. Other than this, the lifestyle issues which have irregular sleeping schedules will definitely drive you into insomnia. The night partying tendencies, staying awake late at night during weekends, going for films at midnight are all activities that disrupt the sleeping pattern of the body. Also, Simple things that we ignore like jet lag can also be a great reason behind the sleeplessness.

Many are not aware that, the proportion of highly probable people to be suffering from insomnia are in fact women. They suffer from other issues such as infertility and hormonal issues due to this.

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