Kratom Strain to Treat Insomnia


Kratom is a leaf that is harvested from a tree called mitragynaspeciosa that is found mostly in the Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and neighboring countries but the origin of the tree is from the culturally rich Thailand and it is found that this herb is associated with their culture for hundreds of years if we have a look at the cultural history of the country. Kratom is a herb that not only is rich in cultural values but also has a lot of medicinal values, where treating insomnia being one of them. Not only it works with insomnia but also works well for relieving pain, treating problems related to the liver and also to fight against depression and anxiety.


Sleep is the most important factor that we need to heal our body and mind from all the hard work given to them throughout the day. In the current generation we live, people are racing against the time to improve the economic status of their lives but what they do not realize is that getting deprived of sleep is going to lead them to a very bad situation very soon if are going to stay the way they are.

Insufficient sleep can also lead to hiking stress level due to the secretion of a stress hormone cortisol in our body. Stress can sound so simple when heard but there a lot of consequences that you have to face when being struck by high-stress level. The impact of being in the stress will affect your social behavior and other medical conditions including weight loss, fatigue and many more syndromes.


REASONS-FOR-SLEEP-PROBLEMSPeople are working more than a normal human should work which in turn leads to depression, stress and anxiety. Those who are suffering from stress, anxiety and depression can find it difficult to fall asleep. So try to keep your body and mind calm to be stress-free.

If you have any emotional problems that trigger guilt, grief and worry, you are very much prone to sleeplessness. Some emotions are quite hard for most of the people to handle. In such situation consulting a psychologist is very much easier to solve the sleeplessness you are going through. If you don’t treat the sleeplessness in the right time, then it is going to lead to many sleeping disorders like insomnia, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, tooth grinding, sleep terror and many more like these.

Most of the cases self-medication are more than enough to get you out of the sleeping disorder but if you have any sleeping disorder like sleep apnea, it is advised to go and see a physician because it can lead to many dangerous issues you cannot even imagine. But why consult a physician? It is because that you cannot diagnose it by yourself.

Kratom has excellent medicinal properties to treat insomnia and many more sleeping disorders along with eradication stress, anxiety which can be the reasons for the sleeping orders.


There is a wide range of Kratom strains that are available in the market. Not all the Kratom strains can help you come of the sleeping problems you have. Taking the Kratom at the correct dose and the right kind of strain is very much necessary to treat insomnia.  Let us discuss some of the best strains of Kratom that have the potential to treat insomnia.


Red Bali Kratom is one of the best Kratom strain that is known for its pain relieving and relaxing effect it has on the users consuming them. Above all these, this type of Kratom is the most economical Kratom strain which makes it affordable to all section of people in our society. It also possesses sedative property which makes you have a good sleep and it is said that the Red Bali Kratom is the one that works the fastest when compared to other types of Kratom used to treat insomnia.


This type of Kratom strain is another people’s favorite. This Kratom strain helps in alleviating stress, anxiety, physical pain and also helps you in boosting your mood. If you feel so emotional or low then this is the type of Kratom strain that you are looking for. The Red Borneo Kratom, when taken in small doses can also help you increase the concentration level.


Just as every other kind of Kratom strain, Red Sumatra Kratom has its own fan base. This strain also has the same effect as that of the other Kratom strains that helps with the sleeping problem but in addition, it can also produce the euphoria effect which is an added advantage.


Kratom can be found in various forms such as powder, liquid, capsules and extracts. Choose the right one that is suitable for you. The dosage of the Kratom that you consume is the most important thing you have to remember before you start taking the consumption. Taking higher dosage of Kratom can backfire, higher doses can make you feel so uncomfortable which will give you a hard time sleeping. For the beginners always go for very small dosages, say 2-3 grams of Kratom is fine. If you are not sure of dosage please consult a doctor before you start the medication on a routine basis.


With some the Kratom strains being exceptions, reds are the best type of strains that help you get good deep sleep, but white vein Kratom is the exact opposite, instead of helping you sleep it makes you feel more alert and active through the day. It is always advisable not to take these white veins, especially in the evening. You can still use the white vein Kratom in the morning because it keeps you alert and awake all in the morning, as a result, you will feel tired in the evening and help you go to sleep.

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