Erectile Dysfunction 

Erectile Dysfunction has always been a concern for men. it makes them impotent to participate in sex with a firm erection. ED can occur to men, mostly when they are highly stressed out, however that is not the only reason behind the issue. The ED can be of various magnitudes. Say, some may be able to have an erection, but not to the extend that will help them have sex, where as some have erection problem only occasionally and the rest, always. All these segments of men, suffer from ED and many among them try to avoid sexual intercourse to not let them be seen low by the partner. You must understand that having an ED does not mean that the man in infertile. They too can experience orgasm and even give birth to a child! The only problem they face is with the erection. This disorder happens majorly during stress, emotional breaks or relationship problems. You can’t just conclude that ED is the only reason behind sexual problems, for it is not. There are number of other such disorders such as premature ejaculation or even absent ejaculation, inhibitions during sex, lack of sexual feelings or interest etc.

Is Erectile Dysfunction common?

It’s quite surprising to know that about 15 to 30 million men around the world suffer from erectile dysfunction. It may not be a complete impotence; it could be also partial erection which results in disappointing performance. Erectile dysfunction is experienced in each person differently. Age also plays a pivotal role in it. It is known fact that men need added stimulation for having an erection as they grow older to have a pleasant intercourse. Thus, older people are more prone to be affected with Erectile dysfunction when compared to those of prime age.

The statistics also reflect it, stating that about 15 to 25% of people over the age of 65 are victims of Erectile dysfunction. In detail, about 50% of the old men of age 50 years and 60% of 60 plus year old men are reported to have at least slight ED issues. However, there are contradicting views among the researches, and it is reflected in a study by journal of sexual medicines, that about 26% of adult men, under the age of 40 are having ED issues. And moreover, a majority of this proportion have high intensity ED issues and are mostly completely impotent. The young are more prone to ED due to unhealthy practices such as drugs, smoking etc. yet, no solid conclusions can be drawn, for even researches find it difficult to categorize the probability of ED among various age groups.

Having witnessed such a statistic, if you wonder at what could be its root causes, well it is observed that it primarily is seen in people who undergo excess stress and tension. Also, being addicted over drugs such as alcohol and even smoking can lead to this. And unfortunately, few of them are likely to be its victims due to some accidents, injuries or being part of high intense physical exercise and sports.


What causes the Erectile Dysfunction? 

As mentioned earlier, ED can be of various types, but when a person experiences it over a longer period of time, then it signifies a disorder to be given attention to.

The causes for erectile dysfunction can broadly be classified into two; physical and mental, or rather three which is a combination of both.

Physical causes are easily spotted and most commonly seen ones are heart related issues, high BP, cholesterol , being obese, suffering from Parkinson’s or peronei’s disease, clogged blood vessels, excessive use of drugs, alcohol, nicotine, etc., enduring cancer treatment, or have had any surgeries or injuries that have an effect on the spinal or pelvic area.

It is known that the brain is the major player in the body that directs various actions in the body and has the ability to stimulate various feelings and emotions in the individual. Sexual feelings are also controlled by the brain, and if any interference happens with the neurons, then sexual problems like ED arouses. There are certain mental conditions that can really affect the working of the brain and the related neurons such as stress, depression, anxiety, trauma etc. These distresses can be the result of failure in either personal relationships, communication or life situations. The emotions bring in negative thoughts that worsen the ED.

In actual sense, the sexual arousal in men is brought in by the working of various elements such as brain, emotions, hormones, blood vessels, muscles, anxiety etc. It is thus definitely a complex process which involves almost all of these elements to work in sync. So that is why the cause of ED can be both physical and mental, meaning that if these factors don’t play together rightly, the Erection will not happen. For instance, if the person is slightly stressed or even has a minor physical injury, the erection may not happen. Another example is that, may be a person suffers actually only from a physical issue, but having a ED due it will make him vulnerable to have all kind of negative thoughts of not being potent to have a successful sex life or give the partner the pleasure will lower his self-esteem and will put him through stress and other mental pressure that aggravates the disorder.


Do Erectile dysfunction have treatment options? 

With medical advancement, ED also has treatment options available. You can choose to give oral medicines or have other treatments and therapies not including any drugs. Whichever be the choice of treatment, it has to be checked in with a valid doctor who analyses the severity of the condition and recommends the best.

Exercise and psychological therapies are slow, yet shows results with time if the ED is majorly caused by metal issues.

Or else, the most often resort for treatment is use of pills. The commonly prescribed medicines for ED are Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Avanafil and Vardenafil, which are all stimulators of the natural chemical in the body which aids in bringing relaxing effect on the organ muscles.

Being introduced as a medicine for treating blood pressure in the late 1990s, the drug Sildenafil has seen to show good results in aiding those with ED also. It kicks in its effect quickly, within not more than 15 to 30 minutes and lasts for more than 3 to 5 hours after the use. What exactly does is that, it increases the blood flow in the organ, enabling it to erect.

For those who are looking for a much stronger version of Sildenafil, there is a drug named Cialis, introduced in market during the 2000s, whose effect won’t wear off at least till 36 hours after consumption. But it is slow to start its functioning, a minimum of 5 to 8 hours is needed for it to ignite you. Being such a strong drug, its use has to be carefully monitored with very low doses. Everything great has its own cons, and so does Cialis, which rolls out a number of side effects such as diarrhea, skin rashes, headaches etc.

The next option is quite tricky one, known as the Alprostadil self-injection, which acts as a Alprostadil urethral suppository and testosterone replacement. The use of it is a delicate process, where you need to inject the drug into the organ tip, by which a tiny Alprostadil suppository is pushed into the organ making it capable to erect within not more than 10 minutes. But its effect won’t last more than 30 to 60 minutes of erection. for those whose ED is due to low levels of Testosterone, then testosterone replacement treatment can be used.

And in rare cases, where in many of these drugs fail, you can opt to options such as surgery, implantations and use of organ pump etc.


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