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 pain relief drugs

There are many various types of medical issues that lead to the suffering from a lot of pain, and it been over the years that people use many drugs and medications that have been tested and sell on the market to treat pain. However, some of the pain relief medications do not permanently reduce the pain.

We have studied and reviewed about many other pain relief medications which are used for treating the different types of pain. This website does contain some various pain-relieving drugs and medications reviews and here in the following, you will also come to learn about a large range of other pain relief drug reviews.

In the following we have listed out the most prescribed pain relief drugs on the pharmaceutical market, and we have also given you a brief description of all the drugs, if you are more interested to learn about the drugs that have been mentioned in this section on our web page then you can follow the given links respected to that pain relief drug and then you will be directed to the web page that contains information about that drug.

If you are suffering from a pain, no matter whether it is a short time or lasting for a long time due to small wound to an injury or so, it is always the best option to seek the medical help from a doctor, and there are many different types of medical conditions that would cause great amount of pain to the people. It can be cured permanently just by getting a correct medical diagnosis and only then you will be able to get prescribed to the best drug that is suitable to treat your pain.


We have collected some of the best and the most common pain relief medications that are available on the market nowadays. The drugs that are listed in the following will help you to manage the pain that is caused by different medical conditions. If you are willing to know more about these drugs, then you can go through the medications reviews that have been listed below.

1. Arcoxia

Arcoxia which is also called as Etorcoxib is a pain relief medication, this drug is used to relieve people from many different types of pain, that includes both gout and lower back pain. It is one of the most prescribed medication to treat pain and is the one which many users have found it as fast acting drug.

2. Celebrex

Celebrex is also known as Celecoxib, these are the pain relief drugs that are helpful in relieving pain from the people who are dealing with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. These medical conditions give severe pain to the people and hence it would lead them in a great agony throughout a whole day and night. Consuming Celebrex and Celecoxib regularly would relieve people from the pain sufferings and could permanently relieve them from pain.

3. Dilantin

Dilantin can also be referred to us Phenytoin is a drug which is used in treating people who are suffering from some form of seizures, and the most common type of seizures that occurs in people are epileptic fits and seizures, and these Dilantin and Phenytoin will help in treating these two types of seizures. These are the prescription drugs and hence requires a doctor’s prescription and anyone who is taking such drug must have to be monitored closely as it would cause some of the serious and fatal side effects which can be witnessed by the users of both Neurontin and Gabapentin.

4. Feldene

In the above you have just read through the many different kinds of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on the market and that can successfully help you to manage the pain that is caused by conditions such as arthritis and the both Feldene and Piroxicam are such drugs that help in relieving from such pain. If you are interested to learn more about these drugs, then you can use the review of each which has been given on the website, so do take a look at those two drugs and we hope that all your questions will be answered.

5. Imitrex

Imitrex is also going by a name called Sumatriptan. These are another type of pain relief drugs. They both are exactly a same drug, it is just their name is different and hence they are high in effect. They are fast reacting medications that help in treating anyone suffering from a Migraine manage their condition. People who are suffering from a Migraine will definitely know how painful and life-changing it is and hence those people would be recommended to use these drugs which would act effectively on Migraine.

6. Mobic

It is a drug which is also called as Meloxicam, which is often prescribed for relieving pain associated with many different joint problems. People who are suffering from joint pain would know how hard it is for anyone to get going with their day to day life, especially for people facing it in a negative way and as such the cause would be much pain and hence they are recommended with the Mobic and Meloxicam drugs.

7. Motrin

Both Motrin and Ibuprofen are the anti-inflammatory drugs, they are very much known for the pain relief properties. The cost of these drugs are very low and hence they are the most prescribed pain-relieving medication in the market. These drugs can be used for both the long-term and short-term pains and they work quickly in relieving the pain. These drugs can be bought for without a prescription from the market, however, it is always better to follow a right dosage as overdosing is possible.

8. Naprosyn

Naprosyn can also be called as Naproxen, which used to help in the treatment of pain relief. It alleviates the pain that is caused by many other different medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, tendinitis, bursitis, gout and also menstrual cramps. Many users of these drugs have given a positive feedback about them and hence you can take a look at these drugs on our website if you are interested to know more about them.

9. Neurontin

The drug Neurontin is also called as Gabapentin, and at the same time this drug is originally developed for treating epilepsy, and this drug is also used for treating many other medical conditions such as restless leg syndrome, anxiety disorders insomnia, and bipolar disorder. If you are interested to know more about the drug and enlighten your knowledge about Gabapentin, then you can use the review that has been given on our website which helps in managing many other medical conditions.

10. Pletal

The drug Pletal which is also known by the name Cilostazol, that are very successful in treating pain which is caused due to many other medical conditions called Claudication (Leg Cramping). This is a condition that causes a great leg pain to the people which are caused by the arteries that feed the leg becoming restricted in size. These both drugs are very fast in action and highly effective in reaction, thus anyone who is suffering from this great pain caused by Claudication should have to consult with the doctor and must start taking these drugs as soon as possible.

11. Tramadol

Tramadol is a pain relief medication which is widely recommended by most of the physicians around the world. It is used for treating both the chronic and acute pain. The effect of this medication is rapid. The brand drug of Tramadol is known as Ultram. These both drugs share the same active ingredient. There are many manufacturers available around the world for Tramadol and it is sold under different brand names, however, Ultram is the well-known brand name for Tramadol. Taking the medication under the direction of the doctor is necessary, else it would cause some
serious effects. Consuming the pain relief drug along with any other medications is lethal. It is a prescription only drug and the patient whoever consumes this drug should have to be monitored throughout the period of treatment.

We have collected and listed the overview of this drug on our website and hence you can visit the page and get to know about these drugs, seems doing that would be useful to you.

12. Voltaren

The drug Voltaren is also known by the name Diclofenac, both are the very successful drugs that are widely used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, these two drugs are the same drugs and are just simply known by different names. Diclofenac is the most prescribed medicine by the doctor and if you are dealing with rheumatoid arthritis and suffering from this for a long period of time, then these drugs would help you very effectively to the pain that is caused by that medical problem. The overview of these drugs are available on our website and by that, you can take a look at the reviews that are given on the web page, it would be helpful and useful to you.

13. Soma

Soma (Carisoprodol) is a pain relieving medication used to treat the condition of pain in the joints, muscles and in the neurological regions. The cause of the reception of pain may be due to varied reasons. All this can be treated effectively with the aid of Soma. This medication is best opted to treat the painful musculoskeletal conditions. Also, this is prescribed to induce sleep and for anxiety disorder with a combination of other drugs. As this Soma Carisoprodol is classified as a controlled pill by Food and Drug Administration it can be procured only under legal medical prescription.

14. Kratom

Other drugs listed above are the human induces drugs whereas Kratom is a drug that is given to us by nature as it is manufactured from the dried leaves of the tree Mitragyna speciosa. Kratom has been associated with pain relief for hundreds of years. human body’s pain sensitivity is caused by the opioid receptors and these receptors are suppressed by the alkaloids present in the Kratom which in turn produces endorphins that help in inducing positive feeling over the negative feelings that you get by the pain. Maeng da and Bali Kratom are the best strains of Kratom that are used for pain relief.


If you are suffering from any type of pain either it is a short time or for a long time, then it is just that you have to seek a doctor’s help or a medical professional before procuring to any other drugs. If you are visiting a doctor, then you will be able to get the correct diagnosis for the cause of that pain and also you will be able to get prescribed with the right drug along with a required dosage by the doctor, to treat your pain.

Most of the people have found that they can save huge when they pay for the drugs and the medications they purchase from online. At the same time, it is also necessary to know the right place to buy your medication or drugs from online.

Keeping that in mind, we strongly suggest you that whenever you are searching for a stockist online to get your pain relief medication, then it is must that you must have to carefully pay attention to those sellers and sites that you come across and must know the approved stockist to buy your drugs online.

Make sure that the internet drugstore from where you buy your medication must have to be a licensed and an approved stockist who would sell you with the pain relief drugs that are a real thing and not a fake or counterfeit drug.  There are many approved stockists are available in the online who would sell different types of drugs and however many online sites that sell drugs are fake and counterfeit, which is why it is necessary for anyone to double check the website from where they are buying or thinking to buy the medication, it is necessary that the online pharmacy must be fully and legally licensed and is approved by the governing.